There is an incredible selection of windows on the market today; however, none is sold to more satisfied clients than the double hung windows in Melbourne.

If you are planning to replace your windows, but are unsure of which style to pick, then you might as well settle for the Double Hung. The style is not just classical and iconic; it’s also beautiful, safer, easy to clean and allows more airflow.

This article will highlight some critical features to help you understand why double hung windows in Melbourne are so popular, and why they are the number one choice for many homeowners.

They are timeless

Since their invention in the 1600s, Double Hung windows have continued to be used by generations after generations. It’s easy to imagine that the originals would look very different from the ones we have today. However, that’s not the case. Modern Double Hung windows feature similar functionality as their 17th-century ‘ancestors”, though their materials have shifted between wood, vinyl, and aluminium. Irrespective of how old your home is, you can bet that this window style will enhance its overall beauty and give it an ageless feel.

They are easy to clean

Another reason why the Double Hung windows are so common today is the fact that they are easy to use, clean and maintain. To open your window, you only need to unlock and lift – nothing complicated. Cleaning is even easier – the tilt-out (or tilt-in) allows you to clean your window from inside the house, negating the need to go outside or even getting a ladder. If you think about it, you won’t have to spend your weekends cleaning windows with this style.

They are versatile

No home is created equal – but the same is true for windows. It is easy to go wrong with your choice of window, especially if you have no idea what works for your home. But the good news is that you can never go wrong with a Double Hung style. These windows complement all designs and styles and bring out the best of any home. Double Hungs look incredible in Cape Cods, Victorians, Row Homes, Colonials, Tudors and other styles of homes. Only a few appliances can look great in everything.

They are highly functional

Another feature that makes Double Hung Windows a perfect choice is that they are functional just as they are beautiful. You don’t need to sacrifice one for another, not with this style of windows because it gives you both. And the best part is you can order your custom made windows in a range of colours with energy saving features like Triple Pane and so on.

They enhance airflow

Other than improving the overall aesthetics of a home, windows also play a critical role in facilitating the circulation of air. However, the airflow will highly be influenced by the design of the window. Double Hung windows allow you to open the sash, which in turn, enhances the airflow. If you don’t want air flowing from below, you can open the upper sash and vice versa. You can even create a small recirculating effect by slightly opening the upper and lower sashes.