uPVC or PVCu are the most commonly used windows across many countries. You should, however, note that many people understood the benefits of using timber windows over the options that they have. While uPVC windows are humanmade timber is a gift from nature. Anything that comes from nature comes with several advantages that you can imagine.

You have so many models when it comes to the windows. You may choose to install the timber double hung windows or timber casement window. It does not matter which option you will want, but windows made of timber wood is the best.

Many people do not know of the benefits and thus incline towards to the other options available. But once you know the benefits, there will be no turning back. Here are the few reasons why you need to get this particular window.

Elevate the Aesthetics: Timber or wood looks not only great but will also significantly enhance or elevate the aesthetics of your house. You need to choose to install these windows to make your home look grand. The best part about using timber window frames is that you can carve on it or paint it to meet your needs. It is, however, best to leave it as it is to get a better feel.

It Is an Environment-Friendly Product: Many people do not know the fact that when they use uPVC windows, they are using a product that is hazardous to the environment. We are all worried about the temperature rises across all the parts of the world. We should, however, not only have a concern but start to do things differently to protect the planet.

Timber window can help reduce the carbon dioxide on the planet minimising the temperatures across the globe. But in the contrast when they manufacture uPVC windows, poisonous chemicals are released. In these harmful chemicals, almost six of these chemicals are considered dangerous by the European governments. They want to eliminate these chemicals as they are quite poisonous.

Long Lasting or Durable: uPVC windows last for a maximum of 30 years which is way too less than the timber windows. When you properly maintain them, they can last a lifetime making it the best choice among all the options. They have the capability of resisting regular wear and tear. Your investment will not go in vain when you choose timber woods.

Wood Is the Best Insulator: You will miss out on things if you are not aware of the fact that the wood is an excellent insulator. It keeps your home comfortable during all the seasons. In winters it is the best way to retain the heat inside the house. By installing timber windows, you can reduce the carbon emission and electricity bill in your home.

These are the main reasons why you need to choose timber double hung windows or timber casement window over the uPVC windows. But you need to recognise that these are not the only benefits that you will get to enjoy when you install wooden windows.