We may not like to do it, but cleaning windows are a job that we all have to do, as a way to maintain our homes and places of work. Once the job is done, though, we have spotless window panes in the house.

The preparation of cleaning the windows may take more time than actually cleaning them, but we all would like flawless glass panes and not have to deal with them again for a while, so following these steps will be crucial for an effecting window cleaning.

Get rid of menacing stains.

If you notice irritating stains, on some windows, be sure to take care of those first. Ordinary cleaning technique may not be able do to the job against these blemishes. Get a separate rag and apply a special substance, such as a mineral deposit cleaner, oxalic acid, or vinegar to remove these stains. If you do not have any of these products available, a razor blade should be able to scrape off dry and hardened stains.

Clean the window’s screens, if applicable.

Screens can be a pain to clean, as screens can collect dirt, dead bugs, webbing, husks, and dust. Vacuuming the screen can get rid of some noticeable areas, but to effectively clean a window screen would be to take it out of the window, and spray the screen with a hose or water bottle.

Clean the screen with a mix of water and soap, and let the screens dry outside before they are put back in their place.

Clean the inside of the windows.

As you wait for the screens to dry, this would be a good idea to get rid of all the irregularities around the window, including inside the window, the window sill, any frames, and corners. Doing this before cleaning the actual window will prevent dirt from being spread around as you clean the actual panes of the windows.

If you feel that you need new frames, consider replacing them with new window frames Melbourne can offer.

Cleaning solutions.

Simply using water and soap will be capable of cleaning windows, but will leave other streaks and residue on your windows. To make your windows crystal clear, a cleaning solution is necessary.If you cannot buy a cleaning solution, you can mix water with either isopropyl or rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or dishwashing liquid. This will ensure you that no irregularities will be made or will remain.

Start to clean the windows.

If you own small windows, use a sponge or rag. For larger windows, use a squeegee. First, submerge your sponge into your bucket of cleaning solution. After squeezing the sponge to wring out extra water, proceed to wipe every area of the window down. Once you do so, dry the window with a separate rag or cloth.

For the outer side of the window, the same will apply if you are able to reach it. For windows that are too high to reach, there are brushes or extensions that you can buy that can help you clean windows that are out of your reach. Be sure to not damage your frames, otherwise you can but new window frames Melbourne has available.

And of course, if you work in a multi-story building, don’t worry about it. A cleaning service that belongs to the commercial building will be able to clean these windows for you.

There are additional steps you can take to perfect your window cleaning, but for homeowners and employees who don’t have the time or patience, these are just the essential steps necessary to make for clean and spotless windows.