Five Different Window Styles. Once you know what window frame material you want, it’s time to choose your window styles. The style you choose should depend on the function of the window, the space it’s placed in and the look you are trying to achieve. There are several styles to choose from.

Casement Windows: These windows are often called “crank-out” windows because a crank is used to swing open a single sash window outward from the right or the left. They allow for more ventilation than a double-hung window. The downside of these windows is that they protrude out from the building when opened, so they cannot be placed over a walkway.

Awnings Windows: Like a casement window, awning windows have a single sash that swings out with a crank or lever. They are hinged at the top, opening outward so that falling rain and water sheds away from the opening. Awning windows are often used along with fixed windows and can catch a breeze from either the left or the right.

Slider Windows: With a clean, contemporary look, these windows slide open horizontally. They take little space and are easy to use above sinks and tight areas. They are common in apartment buildings and offices.

Double-hung Windows: A common window found in older and period homes. They have two sashes in a single frame. The bottom and top each slide open, up or down. They are usually twice as tall as they are wide, but not always.

Single-hung Windows: The single-hung window is the same as the double-hung, however, in the single-hung; only the bottom sash opens upward. The top sash is fixed closed.