To improve your Green Star rating, windows are among the first areas to consider when constructing or renovating a home. Along with adding to the style of your home, your window selection can make a positive difference in your energy use.

Your choice of windows can make or break the energy efficiency of a home. The frame is an important aspect of the overall timber window. Thermally efficient timber frames are the first and most sustainable choice and very eco-friendly to manufacture. Timber doors and window frames can be about 50 per cent more efficient than standard aluminum versions. Timber windows and doors can also be found in many beautiful styles.

A sustainable, environmentally friendly home relies on the performance of timber windows.
Low conduction of the frame is important as heat transfer through the frame can have a major impact on comfort, even when the glass is high performance. Windows with timber window frames are naturally more insulating. The air pockets within its cellular structure ensure that it is a natural barrier to heat and cold. Thermal conductivity increases with density, which is why lightweight timber is a far better insulator.

Timber windows and doors can create a greener home. Because timber windows and doors are naturally insulating, they contribute to saving energy. Using less energy on artificial heating and cooling reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced, and by conserving energy usage you can create a higher Green Star rating. Every additional star means you help the environment and you save money on your heating and cooling bills, all year round.