When building or renovating your own home, not just any window will not do. With each individual or home style come custom tastes and styles. Windows provide a framing of the home in two-way portals that offer both aesthetics and functionality. Each style has its own appeal in regard to styling and function.

Double hung Windows
Double hung windows provide a style reminiscent of period décor, but are just as well suited for the modern home. This style offers two movable window sashes set one above the other. Their easy open function and wide opening make them a favorite for bedrooms to provide emergency exit and great air flow

Sliding Windows
Melbourne Builders often use this window style in contemporary styled homes. They have a sleek styling that isn’t interrupted with a crank on the sill like windows that crank out. They also don’t expose the interior of the window to the elements when open like those with side-hinged openings.

Timber Fixed Windows
A more traditional choice, Timber fixed windows provide a simple solution to home décor. Windows Melbourne offers many options of Timber fixed windows including high lit windows. High lite Timber fixed windows provide privacy while letting in a little sunlight. This solution is the best for comfort, enjoyment and security.

Awning Windows
This choice in quality windows are often the best choice for rooms where you may want some light and air flow but don’t have the space for larger opening windows or where regulations restrict the window opening size.

When building or renovating your home, make sure to take careful consideration of your window choices. It’s not just about carpets and drapes. Sometimes, the right window is all a house needs to become the home, and sanctuary you desire. Weigh your options, prices and aesthetic qualities to ensure you have the best windows for each room of your home.

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