Single or Double Glazing for your Windows and Doors?
It’s time to order the windows and doors for your new home! You already know what frame and door materials you want, and you’ve chosen the best styles and colors to complement your home’s design. Next you must choose to go with either single or double glazing in the windows and doors. There are circumstances where one of the choices might suit your needs better.

The advantages of double-glazed windows: It’s true that double glazed windows are a bit more expensive than single glazed windows in their initial purchase price. Whether or not their overall cost is higher depends on how you look at it. Double-glazed windows also reduce your energy usage for cooling and heating, so they can significantly lower your energy costs over time. They also limit condensation, provide sound insulation and are safer since they are tougher to break. They also reduce damage to furniture and window treatments by reducing the amount of sun and heat in the room.

The advantages of single-glazed windows: Not only can they be less expensive, single-glazed window glass can be repaired, while double-glazed cannot. Double-glazed windows can trap heat. This could be a problem on hot days, however, where single-glazed windows can help avoid a stuffy hot house. Finally, older homes usually were originally built with single-glazed windows. If only a few windows need to be replaced, it makes sense to spend less money on single glazed window replacements. They can be a better match to the older style, rather than mismatch or having to buy an entire set of the more expensive double-glazed windows.