What Contractors Look for in Window Manufacturers
In order to satisfy a client, a good contractor wants to make sure they have a great design, a workable budget, the right tools and high quality building products and materials. Whether it’s a new build or a renovation, windows can be one of the largest expenses of the job. Even if you’ve already decided to go with a particular frame type, such as timber, many other factors can help your project succeed. Contractors have to become knowledgeable regarding the window manufacturers they deal with.

Good questions to ask about your timber window manufacturer:
• Where are their windows manufactured?
• What type of glazing do their timber windows have?
• What is the green star rating of their timber windows?
• How do their prices compare to other timber window manufacturers?
• Will they provide full documentation for bill of quantities, sizes, unit quantities and styles?
• Can they coordinate the window delivery date to fit your project schedule?
• How long will it take to receive a quote?

Keeping your timber window project on schedule and within your budget: Purchasing your windows from a local timber manufacturer can not only guarantee the quality you desire in your windows, but can simplify dealing with additional issues that come up in your project. Contractors commit to the client to get the job done right, on time and at the right price. Getting the answers to the above questions can go a long way toward accomplishing these goals.