An Extension to an Older Home Deserves Timber Windows
You have a beautiful older home, but it’s not quite large enough for your growing family or your space needs. You’ve decided to build an extension onto the home. How will you be sure that the extension design goes well with the rest of the existing house? Using matching or similar materials is a good place to start. Window choices can make or break the flow of that design. If you have an older home, chances are, timber windows could be just what you need. Timber windows are beautiful and will provide continuity to the overall look of the home. New timber windows can be matched with your previous windows using similar style and finish options.

Preserving Your Home for the Future
Adding an extension instead of just moving says something about the value and care you have for your current home. Your home has afforded your family with years of good times. Don’t all those wonderful memories call for special treatment? Timber windows help preserve your homes original glory and can carry that look into the new section of the home. Timber windows are also a great investment for the future since they can last for a lifetime with simple, regular maintenance.