Timber Windows: Modern Efficiency with a Traditional Style
Timber windows have been around for centuries, providing warmth, beauty and utility. Timber windows are nothing new, or are they? Years ago, builders used many types of timber for certain jobs based on the natural properties of various species or types, such as soft, hard, light, or heavy timber. Timber production has come a long way to develop processes that help timber last longer while requiring less maintenance. At the same time, timber retains the natural beauty and versatility that it’s always been valued for.

Timber Window Manufactures Go Green. A century ago, preserving the environment and saving energy weren’t a priority when building. Earlier societies never thought twice about what they built with or where it would come from. Today, with populations in the millions and cities spread all over the continent, things have changed. Modern times have brought many useful inventions that, unfortunately, alter the environment with waste products. Along with the desire to have a beautiful home, homeowners now also understand the value of a high green star rating. With their great insulation properties, lower production effect on the environment and sustainability, timber windows are still a great solution to this modern concern for the environment and energy efficiency.