Timber Doors: Melbourne Prefers the Warmth of Nature
Homeowners in Melbourne enjoy a diversity of styles, but the foundational style seems to always come back to nature, and no design material is more natural than timber. How can you provide a warm inviting tone to your Melbourne home? The front door is usually the first thing guests see as they enter your house. Even a modest home can create a warm welcome with well-chosen timber doors.

Get creative creating charm with timber doors. Timber doors are versatile and allow a more natural and artistic approach to your home design. Having more than one grain or treatment with your timber doors offers the opportunity to either match or contrast other timber elements in a home. This can add more interest and eclectic excitement. Timber doors add interest and work beautifully with the variations in tone, stains or colour accents in other parts of the home. Pale toned timber doors can add chic Scandinavian style to your home. Darker tones can impart old world charm. Timber doors help give a natural touch to a city home or to complement county surroundings.

The benefits of going natural with timber doors are many. Timber doors can actually last much longer than sturdier counterparts which have to be replaced eventually. With regular maintenance, even the most neglected timber doors can be brought back to life with a little refinishing. Homeowners will also appreciate the character provided by timber doors as they age over time.