Timber Doors: Melbourne Designers Love Them
Professional home and commercial building designers work with many materials when designing or renovating a structure. In Melbourne, designers have the challenge of working with a variety of home styles, from contemporary modern, European traditional or lodges. Doors are at the heart of any design, and the challenge is to find a material to suit the needs of many clients.

For Melbourne designers, timber doors are the answer. Timber doors provide a timeless design that is both functional and attractive, and can add to a variety of decors, including traditional, contemporary and rustic. They can be made from a wide range of lumbers and are available in many different designs. A timber door’s finish adds even more variation. Stain brings out warm earthy tones, while paint allows the designer to accent other details and features. Additionally, the look of timber doors can easily be transformed or restored over and over with new paint or varnish. Other types of doors such as uPVC or aluminium are simply not practical to paint or refinish.

Other advantages of timber doors for designers:
• Easier to cut and adjust to a particular size
• Range of door furniture and accessory choices
• Durable and long lasting
• Energy efficient
• Environmentally friendly production

With timber doors, designers have many great options to help meet the needs and desires of their clients.