Five Tips for Selecting Windows and Doors
You’ve finally decided to renovate your home, or perhaps you plan to build. Some of the most important decisions you’ll need to make are your choices for doors and windows. Here are five tips to narrow down your choices:

Window and door styles – Make your home your own. With many shapes, sizes, colours and material options, you can easily customize your home. Timber windows and doors come in a variety of styles, while retaining their warmth. Use stain to preserve that natural grain look.

Think about the view and orientation of the sun. What size and type of windows you choose depends on which side of the house the sun is the strongest. How much light do you want to let in? A beautiful view can be maximized or a less desirable one can be obscured.

Ease of installation and maintenance is critical. Who will install the windows and doors? How long will they stay looking beautiful? With mild regular maintenance, timber windows and doors will last for years, unlike other types of windows and doors that must be replaced when they fade or corrode.

Consider saving energy and the environment. It’s no secret that timber doors and windows are produced with eight times less greenhouse gas than aluminium products. They also save energy in your home since timber windows and doors naturally insulate, lowering your energy used in heating and cooling. Timber is also a renewable resource.

Count the costs – Stay mindful of your budget. While saving energy, timber windows and doors save you money in energy costs. You could go with a cheap set of doors and windows, but investing in quality now can save in the future. If properly maintained, your timber doors or windows won’t need to be replaced.